November 1st marked the 2nd year since the Nis office is established, even though everyone feels like 2017 was yesterday and that our Nis story has just begun.

This year, a big company party was organized in the exclusive hotel Constantinus Palace, where we all gathered to celebrate the anniversary, as well as the upcoming holidays.

The welcome speech was given by the Director of Operations in Nis, Milos Petrovic, who thanked all the guests and employees attending the party. The audience was thrilled when Petrovic made sure to mention some relevant growth data. 

Dear colleagues, many successful happenings are behind us and let’s keep up in the same manner. I am very proud,” Milos said. 

The festive atmosphere continued after the birthday cake was served. A photo booth with many interesting props made the evening even more wonderful since the instantly printed photos are now kept as a memory of this glamorous night.