"Build the people, so they can build the business."

My background includes over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Currently I am the Chair of OIP, a highly regarded and respected KPO, specializing in Underwriting Assistant tasks with a keen focus on Commercial Excess & Surplus Lines business. My previous positions include Director of Underwriting at Catlin Specialty Insurance – Binding Authority Division and Vice President of Underwriting Central Region at Nautilus Insurance Company, both in Scottsdale, AZ.

Bevin Beatovic

Founder Chairwoman

"Be the change you want to see."

As a CEO of OIP, I have the ability to wear multiple hats. Very committed to professional and personal growth with enormous love for teaching people and passion for building leaders, making my unofficial title the Chief Heart Officer. Economic sciences degree, followed by an MBA program, prepared me for a career path in executive management. But only at OIP, I mastered governing strategic initiatives and developing expertise in change management.

Martina Seferovic

CEO / President

"Hunger for success and patience have no obstacles in one’s career path."

My every day consists of leading a group of talented colleagues while meeting the needs of valued partners in every day of the insurance business at the Operations Department. I have graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, and have strong analytical skills and attention to detail. I have been enjoying this journey with OIP as of September 2013, going all the way to the COO role. On top of that, In 2019 I have been recognized as the Best Manager of Development in Serbia. I am married with two kids.

Milos Petrovic


"Work hard. It always pays off."

As a CFO, I get to identify and solve problems by looking at the big picture. My formal education was in the fields of statistics, IT, and quantitative finance at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade. It provided a good base for today’s direction the world has taken – quantify everything. There is a house on a small peninsula I will own one day, I can show you the photos if you would like to see.

Snezana Obradovic


"To succeed, do the right thing at the right time in the right place."

My broad experience in investment and financial management, combined with everyday motivation, passion, empathy, and commitment to work makes a winning combination that leaves a positive impact on my whole environment. Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, painting, growing flowers, exploring different recipes, collecting medicinal herbs, watching the sky, and finding four-leaf clovers.

Vesna Licina

Director of Accounting and Investments

"Always move forward."

When looking back at the entire time spent at OIP since 2013, I am happy that I could impact the future and see how my decisions helped the company grow and change. Usually people get into insurance business by chance, but I have chosen this career through my formal education. When you know how to measure risks, it seems easy to take them. But building a good team, loving what you do and staying focused is what ultimately helps you succeed.

Mina Jovanovic

Senior VP of Operations

"To move forward you need to know the team has your back."

My OIP journey at OIP started back in 2013. As a CTO, I consider myself, with the great support of my team as the backbone of the OIP InsurTech department, which continuously grows under my leadership since the inception. In my spare time, I enjoy playing with new technologies, finding ways to relate them to OIPR business, and improve customer experience. I have spent my youth days on the soccer field and now I am an avid trail runner.

Nemanja Jokic


"When we strive for progress over perfection, mistakes look less like failure and more like incredible growth opportunities"

I joined the OIP family in 2021, and it took little time to recognize the diverse talents of this experienced team. Professionally, my experience has been on the company side; starting my career at Nautilus Insurance Group then moving to Munich Re before joining OIP. Bringing a different perspective to the organization, I hope to add value through my 25 years in E&S, with experience in underwriting, marketing, business development, and leadership.

Shawnae Bentley

VP of Global Sales

"Compare Yourself To Who You Were Yesterday, Not To Who Someone Else Is Today."

Being a VP of Operations provides a challenging dynamic between resolving everyday problems and working on long term goals and strategies. Here at OIP, I am able to apply the knowledge of economics and diplomatics gathered at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Department of International Relations. Regardless of love for work, striving to reach Nietzsche’s definition of a free man and have two-thirds of the day for myself.

Nikola Nicic

VP of Operations

"Mladen has started off in behavior research and landed in technology. Now he spends his days connecting the two - finding ways for technology to change the way we do things for the better. Other than that, he is a husband (once), father (twice), passionate reader, and a very curious person. He tends to keep that going. He still tries to play basketball, with limited success."

Mladen Subasic

VP of Product and Innovation

"Nothing good ever happens in your comfort zone."

Finding out what I am not very good at, and then working on it until I am, has always motivated me. As a VP of Operations, I lead a team of extremely gifted and committed individuals who spend their entire day ensuring that we do things the best way possible, and then, once they are done, they work on finding ways to be even more efficient and effective. In my free time, you will find me in one of the many combat sports gyms I frequent and if I’m not there, then I’m definitely in a local craft brewery sampling the newest offerings.

Luka Ristovic

VP of Operations

"Everything you can imagine is real. "

As Risk Manager at OIP my job involves overseeing our Quality Assurance Department as well as our ISO Compliance department. I enjoy helping our staff set up procedures that will add value and quality to our services. I majored in insurance at Singidunum University and received my CPCU designation in 2020.Outside of work I enjoy cooking and watching football, regardless of whether players wear helmets or not.

Matija Obradovic

Risk Manager

"Always on the watch."

The world is already so dependent on technology and as AVP of IT you can never stop learning, and you are always driven forward into something new. I’ve studied Economics and specialized in the computer engineering field. When I was 7 years old, a PC entered my house, and passion for technology was born. Where most of my friends would buy a game and play it, I would explore computer systems, learn how to fix them, and to understand how they work.

Branko Radulovic