Going into our 10th year in business and getting stronger and better each year! It is with great pride and pleasure to be surrounded by such a smart and intelligent group of insurance professionals. A proud moment for us as owners, to see our team grow their careers and run the company. Everyone started at the bottom and worked their way up the OIP corporate ladder. We have grown organically within the company. They know what they are doing and have a solid understanding of what it takes to produce quality work. From day one, we always said “we will grow the people and the people will grow the business”. A big thank you to the entire OIP team and all of our valuable clients that continue to support us now and for many years to come.


Bevin and Alex Beatovic



OIP exists to provide a stable environment where friendships are made.

We grow the people, so they can grow the business.

We meet unique customer needs by providing cutting-edge and quality insurance solutions.


Be the force shaping the insurance of tomorrow.


Integrity: Being a trustworthy partner.

Togetherness: Building a great team that delivers success.

Quality: Championing industry best practices.

Fairness: Creating equal opportunities in a diverse culture.

Innovation: Passionately shaping the future.




OIP opened its doors with humble beginnings, operating from a small apartment overlooking the historical city of Belgrade. Founders, Bevin and Alex Beatovic relocated from Arizona to Serbia in hopes of finding great talent to help grow the business. Bevin with 30+ years of experience in the E&S space mentored the first group of employees, promoting industry best practices while instilling core company values.


Thanks to the support of its clients, OIP’s reputation as a quality solutions provider began to take hold. It became known in the industry as the boutique outsourcing company with expertise in underwriting driven support services. The company expanded by 50% within the first year, the great expansion led to a new office space!


OIP’s vision in shaping the insurance of tomorrow came to fruition in founding the American Insurance Academy (AIA). AIA’s mission is to educate young professionals eager to start their careers in the insurance industry. The objective of AIA is setting employees up for success by championing industry best practices, combining traditional insurance education with modern business skills. 


OIP welcomes 2015 with major milestones, celebrating the 100th employee as well as expanding to new office space! Bevin Beatovic is recognized for her contribution to the insurance industry featuring on Insurance Business America’s HOT 100 list. OIP wins 1st place in this year’s AAMGA Marketing Awards in two categories: Newsletter and Website.


OIP is recognized for its expertise in the E&S industry as a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company! The expansion in knowledge led to broadening its clientele to Inspection Companies. OIP also spent the year giving back to the community by donating resources to Osmeh na Dar, a local humanitarian non-profit organization for underprivileged children in Serbia.


OIP’s presence expands to the neighboring city of Nis, opening its first office in south Serbia! The services expanded to the IT realm assisting Insurance Carriers with system enhancements and underwriting support. The scope of services broadened in offering renewal rating and file audit support to the market.


OIP celebrates its 6 year anniversary with the opening of an office in Zagreb, Croatia! 2018 marks the year of tremendous growth, with over 300 employees, occupying 6 offices spanning 4 different countries. With this comes an expansion in services in offering claims support to TPA’s!


The year of immense growth and expansion to the UK market! The Insurtech department was formed, offering Business Analyst and QA testing support. The leadership group was recognized for their contributions to the industry, Martina Seferovic was featured on the 2020 IBA Hot 100, Snezana Obradovic joined Forbes Finance Council and Milos Petrovic received the Best Manager of Development in Serbia award. 


The year of the unprecedented is uniquely known as the year of innovation at OIP! The Insurtech department spent the better part of 2020 focusing on Robotic Process Automation advances within the E&S market, this led to the creation of its new venture – OIP Robotics. The entire OIP  transitioned to a remote environment successfully at the start of the pandemic. Since then, OIP adapted to the “new normal” by attending virtual conventions while finding unique ways to connect with its employees and clients in a disconnected world. 


In 2021 OIP Robotics remained at the top of bringing quality tech innovations into the insurance industry. In the first quarter of 2021, OIP Robotics released NT Extractor –  a fully automated data extraction tool, specialized in E&S market documents. Despite the global pandemic, we managed to remain stable in business and provide a safe environment for all our employees. During this year more than 130 new talents, from 12 RAIA, joined our family.


This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. In 2012, starting with only 5 employees, we laid the groundwork to provide underwriting support to US Specialty Lines Insurance entities. Today the OIP family has more than 600 insurance professionals and more than 100 partnerships throughout the US, UK, and Canada. With an unwavering commitment to our partners and their needs, we are continuously expanding our services by providing quality underwriting services and innovative insurtech solutions. The essential part of our success is belief in the importance of our partnerships, and thanks to the dedication and talents of all our employees, OIP and OIPR continue to grow together every day.


OIP Locations


Your OIP team crosses different time zones and cultures. Having employees spanning different time zones allows you to have a broader talent pool while simultaneously deepening the thought pool, the result – innovative ideas while expanding the collective of minds.