Quality Assurance


The Quality Assurance Department’s mission is to improve the quality of work provided to our clients by championing ISO internal audit best practices. Our objective advisory department is grounded in our core values of integrity and superior quality and led by our very own certified ISO 27001 auditor, Matija Obradovic, CPCU.


The QA team reviews client-specific procedures in comparison with the completed tasks to confirm the process being followed is correct and as agreed upon.


Ensuring the services we offer are of the highest quality is the core of who we are. Our frequent employee audits ensure we identify and address inaccuracies before they become an issue of concern. In a culture of constant growth and improvement, guiding and training our employees is integral to not only their development but also our quality assurance evolution.


Our QA Department is the first point of contact when discussing work quality with each client. Positioned to provide an immediate response, the QA department collaborates with both the client and their designated team members, ensuring processes and procedures are operating at the highest quality.