About AIA

Training and development are fundamental to our core values, and we know we’re not alone. Continued education is essential, especially in our industry where underwriting integrity improves risk selection, loss ratio, and profit-sharing. We’ve seen the effects of leaders who invest in their employees’ education, versus those that don’t. This is why we’ve made it our mission to develop subject matter experts through our American Insurance Academy.
Since its inception in 2014, our robust course offering ranges from the fundamentals of insurance to more complex topics that are often misconstrued. AIA proudly develops confident insurance professionals who are engaged and determined to exceed their client’s expectations.


AIA Topic Sampling

  • Policy Lifecycle
  • Premium Basis
  • ISO Classifications – Descriptions and Codes
  • Coverage Forms, Exclusions, Conditional Limitations
  • Additional Insureds
  • Causes of Loss – Basic, Broad, Special
  • Co-insurance – Calculating and Penalties

Hello Candidates and Future AIA Graduates!

Welcome to the American Insurance Academy and thank you for showing an interest in pursuing a future with OIP.

Our academy was founded in 2014 with the mission of educating aspiring insurance professionals who will shape the future of our industry. By offering an impressive curriculum spanning beyond insurance fundamentals and into the industry’s best practices, your path towards becoming a successful Underwriting Assistant will be well underway. You’ll receive technical insurance training with an emphasis on the lines of business in which we specialize.

Our program of studies is catered to the Specialty Lines industry, comprised predominantly in the US and UK. Therefore, your educational journey will encompass not only the policy lifecycle but many exciting lessons beyond insurance, resulting in a well-rounded learning experience. During your time at the academy, you will increase your IT proficiency, interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication, and of course, the English language. Our commitment to providing an education that far surpasses the traditional lecture-based syllabus is recognized through an interactive environment of sharing knowledge and building trusted relationships. Concluding the program with an American Insurance Certificate of Completion only begins to signify your hard work and dedication.
Throughout your training, assessments of your performance will be conducted in order to assign the tasks that best match your skillset. Our commitment to growth rings true throughout the organization with continuous education offered at any stage of your OIP career.

At OIP we’ve fostered a culture that is both united and fair, while proudly operating as an equal opportunity employer. Advancement within the organization is prevalent based on our belief in recognizing hard work and great attitudes. Operating in multiple locations, supporting various office-hour shifts, and having years of experience in remotely servicing our clients, resulting in a rather seamless transition to a work-from-home environment.

We wish you the best in your educational endeavors and sincerely appreciate your interest in joining the OIP Family!