The American Insurance Academy has helped numerous students launch their careers as insurance professionals since December 2014 and continues to do so to this day! Learn about our students’ and colleagues’ experiences at the AIA here and enroll with the Academy today!

Luka Ristovic

VP of Operations

Just like everybody else at the time, I started out my career in OIP as an Assistant Underwriter. Joining such a young and rapidly growing company allowed me to progress through the ranks as we grew. What distinguishes OIP form other companies is the sheer number of opportunities presented to employees who are willing to step up and take them.I am motivated by the great relationships and positive energy we have within the team. We nurture a culture of togetherness and trust!

Tatjana Spasojevic

Operations Manager

Thank you doesn’t adequately express my gratitude for the extraordinary experience during my AIA classes. I learned the basics of USA insurance through multiple fun activities like role-playing and interesting discussions. I loved when employees were sharing their AIA story and providing a window into the all opportunities that are available in OIP, we were inspired to go and do more. We learned what it means to invest in our own academic journey. Where I can sign up for another AIA round? – Miss my AIA days!

Marko Radulovic

Assistant Director

AIA gave us theoretical knowledge of insurance concepts that we will be working on, as well as entry-level training in the most important client systems and tasks that the company performs. My colleagues in training were a talented, hard-working, cheerful crew, and the personal relationships and friendships we developed within the group lasted much longer than the training itself.

Vanja Tomic

Team Lead

When thinking back to when I attended AIA, I am sure it played an important role in building a solid basis for a career in Insurance after my graduation from the Faculty of Economics. The lectures are carefully structured and aimed not only at acquainting the employees with the Underwriting Assistant role but also at arousing a deep interest for the insurance industry by supplying a wide range of essential topics presented in an interesting and thorough way.

Tamara Djokic

Underwriting Assistant

Togetherness and unselfishness of my team is what makes us achieve great results and have outstanding work ethics. Being recognized as a trustworthy and responsible teammate, I was assigned additional work and responsibilities which was a true prize for me and testimony that everything you do at OIP ends up well recognized and rewarded.

Jelena Cuckic

Client Manager

I became part of OIP in April 2018. My career path started with training for one of the smaller clients in OIP and evolved to Client Manager position. All thanks to hard work, initiative and proactive approach that always pays off. OIP genuinely cares about their employees. Only a happy and satisfied employee will be the one who will do the best and the most.

Ana Rancic

Talent Acquisition Specialist

My career in OIP started a little bit after OIP opened its office in Nis. At the time I started my training in AIA, there was an opening for the Recruitment focus group. Since working with people was something that I really enjoyed, I decided to apply and I passed the selection process. Today, I am a Talent Acquisition Specialist working with the most amazing people that bring talent to this company. Diversity is something that we are proud of! We have people with so many different educational backgrounds that contribute to the company in so many ways.