Educational Goals


AIA provides a comprehensive introduction to the US and UK insurance industry while illustrating the purpose and value OIP’s provides. A high level overview encompassing Property & Casualty coverage, the basic mechanisms of insurance and insight to our role: the what, why and how. As students advance, so do the topics; the insurance application process, pricing accounts, and grasping the concepts of the various coverage offerings. Over time, the tools and knowledge begin to create clarity around OIP’s role in the big picture.



  • Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Commercial Auto and Garage Insurance
  • Personal Lines, Special Risk, and Homeowners Insurance
  • Policy Rating
  • Policy Lifecycle
  • Inspection Review, Pre-Renewals, and Endorsements
  • Understanding Coverage and Rating
  • Quoting
  • Terms and Conditions / Reviewing Forms


The American Insurance Academy is designed to develop professional resources who will assist an American based clientele; therefore, English is the spoken language. Regardless of the exposure, each student has had in speaking English, our goal is to provide a foundation in professional correspondence, whether written or verbal, while encouraging daily English usage.

  • Improving General Knowledge
  • Business Correspondence
  • English Speaking Environment
  • Touch Typing

IT Skills

Our well-rounded overview of insurance includes a deep dive into the technical underwriting aspects; however, the professional needs also include the IT side of the business. While the underwriting-specific software used in our line of work is not difficult to use, the students will all be first-time users. Regardless of the individual proficiency levels, additional training on all IT aspects is conducted.

  • IT Security & Web Safety
  • Google Apps for Business
  • Microsoft Office

Soft Skills

Whether an experienced business professional or new the workforce, actionable soft skills are valuable to all employees. Which is why our training spans beyond Insurance and Technology, engaging in daily interactions, providing ongoing mentorships, and having meaningful conversations ranging from time management, conflict resolution, to a healthy work/life balance.

  • Team-work
  • Public speaking
  • Business Conduct