Honestly, we have nothing but good things to say about OIP. We are constantly raving to anyone and everyone about the quality of the service that is provided to our firm by the staff at OIP. As a boutique wholesaler focused on upper echelon service, it was imperative for us that we partnered with an outsourcing service that shared this vision. I can say without a doubt that OIP not only meets our service expectations, they constantly exceed them. Their knowledge, professionalism and service across all aspects of our dealings have been nothing but top notch. Their ability to take on a multitude of tasks across many departments has allowed us to continue to focus on other aspects of our business without having to sacrifice the service we provided to our retail agents. When we turn over a task to OIP, whatever it may be, we do not have to worry as we know the task will be done as structured each and every time which is huge to us as owners of the brokerage. Finally, the dedicated staff provided by OIP allows us to form a true bond whereas these individuals ARE employees and part of our everyday work family.