Since AIA partnered with OIP in 2018, our support operations have never been better and the ease of doing business with OIP is off the charts! Initially there was concern from our employees that OIP was brought in to replace them, but when they realized that OIP only made their job easier and increased productivity they completely bought into the process. The stability, efficiency, and quality that OIP provides has allowed AIA to profitably grow without adding staff or sacrificing levels of service. Our managers and production underwriters love that they no longer have to spend limited resources on training and replacing support personnel. OIP’s support staff has integrated so well that we think of them as part of the AIA Team. They are knowledgeable, helpful, insightful, and friendly and have proven to be a valuable resource. As we move forward with OIP, we are continuously looking for opportunities to involve them in more aspects of the operation and are excited about the long term partnership.”