To all of our partners.

This is the year of change, yet again the year of opportunity! Unusual circumstances that were brought to us, shifted our everyday lives, and the way we operate the business. When faced with such adversity, this only increased our drive to create and innovate. With that being said, I would like to give you some updates as to what OIP has been doing over THE year of uncertainty.   

        1. New company – OIP Robotics

In these challenging times, we’ve set up a new company – OIP Robotics. Information technology, software development, and agile ideas partnered with E&S market knowledge created InsurTech solutions that became the buzz on the market. These guys driving the digital transformation journey, like to say “Our mission is simple – build the insurance-native tech that cuts into real problems and gets the job done.”

We created end-to-end RPA solutions, Data Scraping software, a Bordereaux platform, and a custom-made CRM platform as a cherry on the top. And you will soon be able to meet our robot ARIES – Automation Re-Inventing E&S.

        2. New services launched

Just this year, our clients grew by over 100 employees with us! You come to us because we are a niche company, we specialize in knowledge and quality service, and we are an American company with a Serbian heart. So we carefully crafted new services for you – Underwriting Audits, Renewal Underwriting, and soon enough you will also be able to attend our American Insurance Academy Courses!

        3. Virtual Conventions and Office Visits

A face-to-face meeting is irreplaceable, we can all agree on that. But we made the best out of the situation by attending 6 virtual conferences and organizing 42 virtual client visits.

        4. New department for Process Improvement

Guided by the principles of Lean Management, 6 Sigma, and Kanban frameworks, we formed a new department called Business Process Improvement. Our objective is to improve internal processes and then generously share our expertise with our valued clients.

        5. CPCU Designation

Our Risk Manager, Matija Obradovic, earned the most credible designation in our industry! 

        6. IBA Hot 100

Yet another award for OIP! This time it went to Nemanja Jokic, Director of Business Technology, as one of the Hot 100 2021, side by side with other industry leaders.

        7. Best Insurance KPO Services Provider 2020

Fresh off of the press – OIP was rewarded Best Insurance KPO by North America Business Awards. This recognition was based purely on merit, testimony to our exceptional quality, and the urge to change how things are done.

        8. Work From Home

Just like everyone else, we moved all our employees back in March to safe working-from-home environments. It’s extraordinary to see how quickly a company can change from strict rules to flexibility, as everyone can be equal or even more happy and productive working not just from their homes, but from a coworking space, country house, mountain cabin, or even while having a picnic in the park.

        9. New Website

Check it out on 01/01/2021!

    10. Company Reorganization

If this is not a year for a change, which one is it? We turned the whole organization upside down, changed our business strategy, turned weaknesses into opportunities…All in preparation to go into the new 2021 strong and prepare for all the new challenges it will bring.

We are ready, bring it on!

Do you know that saying – don’t stop until you are proud? Well, I am incredibly proud of all our accomplishments in spite of the unprecedented times. The future looks bright here at OIP, as we head into 2021 stronger than ever and ready for the inevitable challenges yet to come. We remain grateful for all your support over the past year, we’re in this together!

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey!

#staysafe and #stayhealthy