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This is what our valued partners have said they appreciate the most about working with OIP:

  • Access to knowledgeable, experienced, and already trained staff. OIP’s employees have years of experience with various systems, countless tasks and all went through thorough training in American Insurance Academy
  • Quality of processed tasks is impeccable and regularly verified by OIP’s Internal Audit Department
  • Significant cost savings, especially when all the benefits, insurance, 401(k), HR, utilities, equipment, trainings are  covered by OIP’s in-house team of experts
  • No more turnover that you have to deal with – OIP handles the whole hiring and employee management process. From finding the perfect candidate to completing the full training and onboarding. Should the team members change or be promoted internally, we take care of the replacement training
  • Increase efficiencies – your OIP team will share the best practices based on our experience and highest industry standards
  • Allow client staff to focus on core activities, relationships with your customers, and grow your book of business. OIP takes care of the non-revenue producing activities
  • Each team member is proficient in the English language and well equipped with IT skills

Serbia became one of the most attractive outsourcing locations. We have the best of what this region can offer – education, hard work, personal relationship, and dedication.

  • Business culture – as we are located in Europe, our culture, work ethics, and business models are similar to the western world
  • Time zone is perfect – all your rush business will be completed before you even come to work and we can still overlap for a few hours so communication is smooth. 
  • Highly skilled and educated staff – English Proficiency –  the educational system of the countries in this region is set to teach English from 1st grade of elementary school, through high school and even college

OIP is the number one Knowledge Process Outsourcing company. We are not just the task processors, the driving force of our growth strategy is to have well-educated staff that understands insurance. Our people are highly educated and every individual has completed American Insurance Academy before getting employed with OIP.

This means we process the highest complexity tasks within the policy lifecycle including full-blown Inspection Review, File Audit, Ratings, Quote Issuance, Money Endorsements, etc. See our Services page for more information.

We have a completely separate, fully independent Internal Audit Department whose main purpose is to control the quality of processed tasks.

Our auditors are trained professionals, ensuring that task quality is on the highest level but also sharing the best practices and industry standards with our employees.

Regular audits are set in place, our results are always shared with our customers and special reports provided upon request. Read more about our internal audit efforts on the Quality Assurance page.

OIP was founded by Bevin Beatovic, who personally trained our staff based on her 30 years of experience in the insurance industry working for the top US Carriers. A few years into business we set up our own teaching institution. Each employee first has to successfully complete the American Insurance Academy before getting employed with OIP. In AIA, we make sure that our staff is fully ready to get assigned to their designated client, fully trained on the client system, assigned tasks, correspondence, etc.

AIA provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training on Insurance in the US, the UK, and Canada, with emphasis on the E&S Market. Carefully chosen subjects cover each step of the policy lifecycle with all key players in the industry, along with the soft skills training.

Read More about our teaching institution on the Academy page

OIP is ISO 27001 certified since 2016, being recertified each year. Information security is the main focus of  ISO and IT Teams who are making sure that all of your data is protected.

We use information security management systems to monitor, measure, and improve our security processes and each of OIP’s employees is going through several thorough trainings on Information Security, Cyber Security Awareness, and Internet Security.

OIP is GDPR compliant company with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans in place. Visit our Information Security page for more information. 

Providing a secure and safe environment to our team was our main priority as the COVID-19 pandemic was progressing. Since we are living in a new normal, some OIP employees are successfully set up to work from home, and some are working from the offices.  We have been prepared, as one can be, due to the rigorous standards we comply with related to business continuity plans we have put in place.

Ability to clearly communicate in English, comfortable using Windows environment, openness to work together with multiple team members and supervisors, desire to exceed expectations and work smarter, not harder.

All CVs that we get are reviewed by our Recruitment team. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further steps of our recruitment process.

The training is organized as a full working day, Monday through Friday. You will start with the typical classroom training to get to know more about the insurance in the US. After you master the terminology used, the specific task/client training will start. Along the way, you will also get to learn more about soft skills and business writing skills.

After you successfully finish your training in AIA, OIP awards you with the full-time employment contract.

Underwriting Assistants at OIP are providing technical and administrative support to our Clients. Work is being done in a multi-screen setup, remote access and by handling e-documents. Depending on the individual’s skills and preferences, you get a client assignment. Our job is to support our clients in the entire insurance policy lifecycle, and there are over 200 different tasks you could do.

Our business is conducted in an English speaking environment. You will be mastering business specifics much faster by using the English language while in the AIA. Look at it as a complimentary conversational course.

The certificate is not required as we will be checking your English Language skills throughout our recruitment process.

Of course! Summers are reserved for outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, hiking, and visiting adventure parks. Autumns are devoted to Halloween parties, and we celebrate successful year at holiday parties. During spring, we invite our staff to participate in activities surrounding the Belgrade marathon and support our professional runners on their way to 21 or 42 km. Our teams pick and choose, and on top of this, they have voted for happy hours, escape rooms, bubble footballs, theater visits, and many others.

We strongly believe giving back to the community is the key to continued success. We exercise corporate social responsibility in many ways and we welcome our employees to take part. Each year, we choose an organization or a cause to support. We are proud of our partnerships with Osmeh na dar, Čep za hendikep, Živimo zajedno, Budimo zajedno and Nurdor. We are constantly looking into how we can give back even more to society.

All of our employees are provided with the equipment they need to work from home. Camera and headphones included so we can virtually meet and greet. This can also include a desk and chair if you can fit them and would benefit from having them. For as long as the state allows us to work from the office, you can also choose to come and work from our premises. You will be seated at least 2 meters away from others, with enough masks and sanitizers provided for everyone.