We are very happy to announce that our Managing Director, Martina Seferovic, has been featured on IBA’s 2020 Hot 100 list. This accolade is the remarkable evidence of Martina’s hard work and dedication.

Martina joined OIP in June 2012 and started her career in the same way as all other employees – as an Assistant Underwriter. Considering that one of the main company traits is organic growth, Martina was a pioneer and now, she leads by example. After a fair share of leading positions, she became a Managing Director in 2017. When she does not put out fires, Martina mentors the Top Management team while developing and implementing strategic plans and company policies, even though she lives out of a suitcase for the biggest part of the year.

In light of the current recognition, a member of the OIP Marketing team asked Martina to answer a few questions.

Interviewer: Martina, you are on the IBA Hot 100 2020 list. Can you please explain what this means for your career? 

Martina: I am truly honored to be nominated and featured on the seventh annual IBA’s list. It is a privilege to be side by side with the biggest names of the industry in the past year. From my personal perspective, I am proud of the fact that I can make a difference, that young leaders have the opportunity to be recognized, that female managers can succeed, that my country is being acknowledged worldwide as a fertile ground for educated and talented professionals with a bright future. This recognition will further encourage me to be the driving force behind OIP’s growth, as well as to give me fuel to continue to motivate, develop and mentor our employees. For OIP, this is a testimony to our celebrated success as a unique and niche company in the Insurance and IT arena.

Interviewer: How did you manage to reach this success on the USA market, coming all the way from Serbia?

Martina: None of it happened overnight and I have to admit, it was not easy. It took a lot of hard work to create relationships overseas in the industry I was new in. But, insurance is not that complicated – when someone has a passion for it, they can easily learn it. And success is guaranteed with open communication, integrity, and respect.

Interviewer: Being in the insurance world for close to 8 years and leading a company of a couple of hundred of employees is a very impressive success. What were your greatest results and challenges so far?

Martina: Over the course of 7 and a half years, there has been a lot of both. This one is a huge challenge but it is an even greater satisfaction when accomplished – happy clients and happy employees. Together with the constant client and employee growth of over 30% per year, we are providing a stable working environment and an opportunity to build their careers to all of our people. As for challenges, like any company, we have them more often than not. The biggest is leveraging between productivity, quality and employee satisfaction. And all of us in OIP are devoted to reaching that harmony.

Interviewer: What is OIP’s mission for the future, looking at clients and employees?

Martina: It’s quite simple – use our expertise to help our insurance clients get the most out of technology, and our technology partners launch products which insurance companies need. Also, by growing year after year, our mission will continue to be, to create local opportunities and give back to the community that supports our growth.

InterviewerWhat is the best advice you can give?

Martina: Be consistent, be fair and respectful. Always be yourself, work hard and have fun! That is why we do this for.

About IBA:

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