Mondays are called ‘manic’ ever since the 80s (which was before many of our employees were born). Sharing is caring, so here is the list of things I do to get to everything I am expected to.

Inbox Zero – Those who don’t follow this will usually say it makes you a slave, not a master of your software. I rigorously follow this technique. If you get too many emails, use filters to sort them out as they come. Beware, I never have inbox zero on Monday mornings. What I tend to do is moving all Friday afternoon emails for Mondays by snoozing them. I set the time for after my morning routine (see more below), and devote time to their content instead of rushing through them when they arrive.

Control Chat Activity – Chances are one of the instant messaging solutions is the first thing that opens up when you start your PC. I keep notifications muted and check for new messages when I am at the stopping point (still frequent enough). The only exception would be if I am waiting for something important and would have to react to it immediately.

Create Your Morning Routine – Not beauty or healthy lifestyle related, but still worth trying! There is no person without a couple of items permanently written down – check this, do that, don’t forget to… Start each day with those activities. Once that becomes a habit, every day will start with a sense of accomplishment.

Block Your Calendar – If you are getting interrupted often and that makes your life a living hell, the best way to take control of that is to block your calendar. Figure out how much time you need for your morning routine. Notice when you normally feel a drop of focus or energy and use that time to make a break from the items on your to-do list and help others.

Have a Great Suspense System – There is only one thing that makes a great suspense system. It has to be tailored to your needs and your preference. Chances are someone’s system, or even amazing tool, won’t be working for you. Try out different things and don’t give up. For me, getting an email as a reminder is what works best (Inbox 0!).

Rinse and repeat!  You will be more productive. Not just on Mondays.