Martina Seferovic accepted into Forbes Business Council

Forbes BusinessCouncil Is an Invitation-Only Community for Successful Business Owners and Leaders. Belgrade, October 31st — Martina Seferovic, President & CEO of OIP, the leading KPO organization providing niche underwriting support to the...


Imagine if your employees spent their days working only on what they're best at! 

"When our clients’ employees spend their valuable time on the right tasks, their organization’s growth and success exceed any results they would have delivered by keeping all tasks in-house." Learn more from our president and CEO, Martina Seferovic, in...


PRESS Release: Introducing C-level executives

Outsource Insurance Professionals announces C-level executives as a part of the company's structure changes.   Henderson, NV August, 2022 – Outsource Insurance Professionals announces senior leadership changes that further position...


OIP and AMCHAM joining forces!

The unspoken truth of business is that no matter how good you are on your own, you’re that much better if you’re surrounded by trustworthy partners. That is why we are proud to announce our collaboration with AMCHAM Serbia, or for those of you who...


OIPR & Hyperscience, name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait…

*But you shouldn’t* Start automating today!!! The partnership with HyperScience brings unmatched data extraction capabilities to our Automation portfolio. What does that mean? We are giving an opportunity to our clients to automate their...


OIP Paves the Way for a Smarter Digital Experience

The E&S space is known for housing the complex, hard-to-place risks, with multiple distribution models, each carrying a top dollar operating cost. The business is not black and white nor is there a singular, simple workflow. Digitization holds the...


Check Out the Latest Addition to Our Professional Services - Renewal Underwriting!

Kick off the new year with less stress, more time, a higher hit ratio, and a lower error ratio!  As a trusted partner, we’re here to set you up for success, and our newest professional offering does just that. We have experienced staff ready to...