Meet OIP Staff

OIP is an American owned Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. We maintain a processing center in Belgrade, Serbia which enables us to keep our production costs low and pass those savings to our clients. We...


Pink Day at OIP

October is the Official International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We took part in the global initiative and made October 19th OIP Pink Day. All employees contributed to the company fundraiser and enjoyed pink lemonade and tasty cupcakes.


Osmeh na dar - October 2017 Trip

Charity organization Osmeh na dar invited OIP employees to join them on a trip to Kosovo. It was our pleasure to visit several monasteries and elementary school located in Prilužje during this trip. This trip has been a great experience and it gave us an opportunity to see closer conditions and surroundings of where Serbian people live on Kosovo. 


Fruska gora Team Building

Who doesn't love nature and exploring beautiful hills and forests? Our #oipteam had a great day visiting one of the most beautiful national parks - Fruska gora. We had a chance to see many valleys, forests, and numerous vineyards and orchards which decorate its lower slopes. The pictures in our gallery will demonstrate more than a thousand words could. 


Rtanj Team Building

Our #oipteam took this team building to another level or we could even say to another height. We had such a great time conquering Rtanj mountain and enjoying the lovely weather and view.


Employee of the Quarter

"There are many amazing people working here at OIP, and I am glad to be a part of this team. Our hard work is always praised, recognized and rewarded," said Niksa Perovic, the OIP employee of the quarter. Congratulations to our dear colleague Niksa for being recognized as Employee of the Quarter.