Since our early days, almost 9 years ago, knowledge has always been one of the pillars of our success story and the main force that propelled OIP’s growth and rise in the insurance industry. 

This year, we have received formal recognition of the quality of our people’s work on highly complex underwriting support tasks, as OIP has recently received the North America Business Award for the Best Insurance KPO Services Provider for 2020

We at OIP are very proud of this accomplishment, as this is what we have been striving for from the very beginning. The knowledge base from which we pull our know-how and expertise is institutionalized in our American Insurance Academy (AIA), where we educate young insurance professionals on everything related to the policy life cycle. 

Therefore, the AIA and experience we have with more than 100 satisfied clients are the key ingredients of OIP’s reputation as the leading Knowledge Process Outsourcing service provider in the insurance industry. 

Our commitment will always be to use the best out of vast in-house knowledge and expertise to deliver supreme service to our clients. We are happy that our staff will see this award as a testament to their continued quality of work that keeps OIP at the top when it comes to Insurance KPO companies.