We have an exciting announcement to make! OIP received Bronze Gazelle Statue at ‘Bisnode 4 Excellence’ conference held in Belgrade on September, 9. 

Golden Gazelle Award recognizes the best out of the fastest growing companies in Serbia. David Birch of the research company Cognetics conferred the term Gazelles for those companies which contribute the most to the GDP and have a high employment rate. Companies that qualify for this award are those with long-range plans in place and continuous growth path within the past 5 years, as well as constant development. The evaluation and selection process of the Golden Gazelle is based on the 15 years of experience and quality.

Flexible, agile, easily overcoming the obstacles, supporting the environment, both business and natural one, the winners of this year’s award are well known on both domestic and regional markets as the most dynamic ones. 

And OIP has all the traits necessary to become a Gazelle. Being the 3rd among the fastest growing companies in Serbia is an enormous achievement and an incentive for the company to continue progressing.

Our managing director, Martina Seferovic, explained why this recognition is important for our company: “We are doing business in Serbia, where we are employing our people and expanding Serbian economy, but all of our clients are in the United States. Our plan is not just to continue growing, but also to spread out to different markets and gain new clients. Our business model is knowledge-based, because no matter which type of service or product you are selling, what matters is to have a good understanding of it, and that is one of the key strengths of our company. We have an excellent knowledge of the insurance industry in the US. This award is a testimony of the great job we are doing.”