A great nationwide initiative ‘Pruzi Korak’ marked the month of September in Serbia. And OIP was no exception!
This movement was lead by Nurdor – National Association of Parents with Children with Cancer and two activists, Tamara Klaric and Bogdan Stevanovic. The goal of these philanthropists was to collect donations for Parents’ House – a place where parents and their children suffering from cancer can stay when receiving treatments. As a final result, an amazing $500,000 was collected!

Tamara and Bogdan took 8-days-long walk from Nis to Belgrade, which inspired and motivated others to join. In order to support this noble cause, contributors were able to install the application and have their daily steps measured and converted to money. This campaign was sponsored by quite a few socially responsible companies.

As proud NURDOR ambassadors, OIP employees walked in order to support this initiative. Some even went a step further – they played football in the company organized matches. Big Thank You for recognizing the importance of this charity event and doing your best to walk every step of the way!