A while back, when OIP was preparing for ISO 27001 certification, we also developed detailed disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Even though at that time, a widespread epidemic was not something we ever thought we would live to see happen, we put those plans in motion when the global pandemic was announced. We have been following an internally developed checklist that calls for action after “trigger events”, such as when the WHO announced the global health emergency, when the first case appeared in the US/Europe/Croatia/Serbia, etc.

Our teams have been moved to work from home as of March 2020, experiencing no business interruption. With the secure home office setup, in compliance with ISMS standards, we continued providing our customers with exceptional service through these uncertain times, as true partners.

In spring 2020, when the state of national emergency lifted, we had our offices reopen and equipped based on COVID regulations, providing our employees with a safe environment to work from. Employees who select to work from the office sit at least 6 feet away from each other, and there are enough masks and sanitizers available for everyone to use. The others are working from home until the situation is stabilized worldwide.

As we enter the New Year, with hopes that soon enough we will leave the Coronavirus behind us, we are staying flexible making sure the needs of both our clients and employees are met.


Even before the breakout of COVID-19, the biggest worldwide pandemic in the recent history, OIP has anticipated the severity of the situation and took all necessary precautions and measures to protect both the health of employees and ensure the business continuity

We started moving our teams as of March 5th to safe working from home environments in phases. We succeeded in setting everyone up even before the state-imposed measures that forced a lot of businesses to set their teams to work remotely with extreme haste.

This way we gave ourselves a head start in troubleshooting and supporting our staff with transitioning to the new routine, having the whole company fully moved to their home offices as of March 16th. The result was having no business interruption whatsoever compared to working in usual circumstances and the ability to meet all the goals as planned.

Therefore, OIP team is fully operational in these times full of uncertainty and doing everything in and beyond our power to assist our clients by going through them together as a true partner and support.

As for the current situation update, the curve is flattened and we are diligently planning to return to our offices.