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Start automating today!!!

The partnership with HyperScience brings unmatched data extraction capabilities to our Automation portfolio. What does that mean? We are giving an opportunity to our clients to automate their business in an even more efficient way with unlimited capabilities!

HyperScience is an industry-leading data extraction software and a technology company blazing a new path in enterprise automation with a fresh approach to building and powering processes. The Hyperscience Platform is the world’s first Software-Defined, Input-to-Outcome Automation platform used by top public companies and government organizations around the world to build and run mission-critical processes with ease and speed.

Hyperscience’s Intelligent Document Processing solution has been implemented at some of the world’s leading financial services, insurance, healthcare, and government organizations, including TD Ameritrade, QBE Insurance Group Limited, and Voya Financial, helping them lower costs, reduce error rates by 67% and increase employee capacity by 10x. This partnership is opening doors to the E&S world thanks to OIPR connections and expertise!

This integration into our existing systems will enable our clients to automate the entire Data Extraction Process from the Intake Point to Preparing the Data For processing with over 99% accuracy and up to 95% automation.

Hyperscience together with our technology can do something RPA hasn’t easily achieved – create systems that know when to loop in humans and when to leave them out of a process, in a way that doesn’t require a heavy touch from outside personnel.

Hyperscience is a tool that will be used in combination with our tools and our processors for the best outcomes in the E&S.