In November 2017, OIP started a new chapter of its growth. With the opening of a new office supported by 15 employees, the Nis success story began. After a full year, Nis office now counts more than 80 employees.

In anticipation of the party, the welcome word came from our Managing Director, Martina Seferovic. She reminded us all about the very first office OIP had in Belgrade and its growth in the first year. She pointed out that the Nis office is growing faster and the first year of operations is showing remarkably good results. 

As tradition goes, at the celebration we blew out the candle of our first birthday cake. A warm toast was held by Damjan Markovic, our HR Administration Coordinator. Mina Jovanovic, Director of Operations in Nis, continued the toast and cut the first piece of cake. 

In light of the festive atmosphere, the celebration continued throughout the evening.