On November 29th, the Institute for Human Resource Management and the Resource Group held the First Annual Summit of the Human Resources Management. The award ceremony for The Best in Serbia covered multiple categories in the field of human resources and talent management.

We are proud to share that our Director of Operations, Milos Petrovic, currently overseeing OIP Nis, was recognized as the Best Manager of Development in Serbia. The nominee for this award is the professional whose contribution to developing the human resources strategy was the most efficient. 

The Best in Serbia award is perceived as the most prestigious and long-standing one in the field of human resource management, recognized by the organizations and individuals who push the boundaries of practice and science towards people and work.

Milos joined OIP in September 2013. His career path brought him to a Senior Team Lead position back in 2015, followed by stepping into the 2-years long Assistant Director of Operations role. He was named Director of Operations last fall, in charge of OIP office in Nis. Milos is a team-driven foreman, whose work inspiration lies in motivating employees, helping them grow professionally and build a career in OIP. He is also passionate about automation in the insurance industry, attending multiple conferences in the States on this topic.