Amongst many engaging activities, OIP organizes, Nis office got their very own football league this summer. 

‘’There is nothing more exciting than building corporate culture through initiatives coming from employees. It was the easiest job to support and participate in OIP Football League, where we take our passion for football to the next level.” – Milos Petrovic, the Director of Operations, explained.

The first season of the league flew by. The growing Nis office formed 3 full teams with witty names: Liquor Liability, Peaky Binders, and Thunderwriters. As they battled throughout the season, the Peaky Binders came out on top as favorites and won the first season.

The company provided the Champions Trophy for the best team and the Golden Boot Trophy for the best scorer of the league. Dusan Milic ended up with both pieces of silverware this season, as he led his team to the title with his amazing tally of 12 goals.

The captain of Peaky Binders, Nikola Cvetkovic shared: “Everyone was really happy and excited about the opportunity to have this kind of activity and team building organized by the company. The first season was a complete success. I am glad I was a part of the great team, that ended up winning a title!

After many moments of fun and hard-fought battles on the pitch, the participants enjoyed a celebratory night out, summarizing the league from their own perspectives that have become an amazing weekly Team Building event. The second season is set to start soon. We are sure it will be just one of many more to come.