Case Studies

OIP Case Study: Standardization

With years of experience, training, and knowledge sharing, the OIP team successfully standardized the majority of back-office tasks, creating unique value in reducing hidden costs associated with inefficient processes and procedures. The future benefits of standardization are seen through faster employee and task onboarding, cutting the onboarding timeline, but keeping the high quality of processed work. Want to find out how? Please read below.


OIP Case Study: Hold Optimization

Hold optimization is performed when you want to increase speed to market, lower turnaround time, and ensure the agent gets their files promptly. There are many situations in which policy documents are put on hold due to missing information. OIP helps you identify action items to achieve tangible results. Read about how below.


OIP Robotics Case Study: Bordereau Software Solution

We know how much work our clients have around Bordereau reports year after year, so we came up with a solution that simplifies this process. It can be easily integrated into any agency management system and makes this complex reporting a seamless process, saving hours and hours of work at the same time. Read below for more information.


OIP Robotics Case Study: NT Extractor - The Most Accurate Extraction Tool

NT Extractor created by OIP Robotics is the most efficient insurance document text extraction tool specialized in E&S market documents. This fully automated and customizable data extraction solution is based on the most burning industry challenges we witnessed while performing Underwriting Support tasks for our clients during the past 9 years. Read below for more details on this solution.


OIP Robotics RPA Case Study: Risk Clearance Solution

If you’re interested in automating those repetitive, rules-based tasks, then you’re in luck!

We offer RPA tech solutions that focus on eliminating manual redundancies. And since we pride ourselves in Underwriting Integrity, all of our automated solutions include Built-In Validations. Rest easy.

How about an example? We love sharing various ways our clients benefit and thrive through embracing RPA solutions. Check it out here: