Insurtech Solutions

OIP Robotics is the pioneer in bringing together the best of both worlds – Technology and Insurance. OIPR’s mission is simple: build the insurance-native tech that cuts into real problems and gets the job done.

We’ve spent the last eight years exploring the insurance market to discover the industry’s pain points and deliver solutions. Yesterday’s inevitable digital journey is today’s reality for our industry, and OIP Robotics is driven to ensure your success! A sampling of our cutting edge technology offerings are listed below.

Insurance Automation
  • ARIES – Automation Re-Inventing E&S
  • End-to-end automation strategy
  • AI-powered document data extraction
  • Robotics Process Automation – Attended and Unattended
  • RPA Processes Consultancy

Millions of work-hours are wasted yearly on sub-optimal processing through multiple systems and poor document quality. We provide full-cycle automation, born in the E&S complexity.

We combine the latest AI-powered RPA technologies with our Document Processing solutions and Extraction tools, leaving no process behind, and making certain your automation ROI is maximized.

Our unique RPA solutions are specifically designed for complex insurance processes.

Custom Development
  • Product Development
    • Bordereaux Solution
    • Customer Relationship Management system
    • Agency Management System
  • Software (Co) Development

There isn’t one system satisfying the needs of all insurance players. The level of disconnect between IT and the business leadership has resulted in off-the-shelf software lacking the ability to adequately replace legacy systems much less satisfy expectations.

Our experienced team of Insurance and Technology professionals crafts end-to-end software solutions for MGAs, Carriers, Syndicates, and Brokers while working alongside InsurTech companies.

Managed Staff Augmentation
  • Frontend, Backend and Full Stack Developers
  • Manual and Automation QA Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Data Analyst/Engineers/Consultants 

Are you having trouble finding a quality tech team that knows insurance? With us, you can augment your development team with engineers that code insurance for a living.

Our onboarding process includes training on best practices collected from more than 80 different insurance systems, across the insurance distribution ecosystem. Knowing the domain and core logic allows OIP to support your day-to-day business and cut costs with an offshore model.

IT Support
  • Components and software installation / upgrade / diagnostics / troubleshooting
  • Client system analysis
  • Helpdesk IT Support
  • Training employees and raising awareness of information security

Empower your business with turnkey IT support services. We provide client-centric IT Support services that will maximize your technology investment and help you respond to business demands faster.

OIP System Administrators will be responsible for the network and server infrastructure and technical support of business applications across multiple clients with diverse requirements. Along with technical assistance, OIP will contribute to raising awareness of information security in your organization.

This condensed list only begins to cover our capabilities; we encourage a conversation to make certain the value we can add to your organization is clear. We’re also happy to conduct a demo for your team, ensuring your key team members are comfortable with how we can support them in each of their roles.