Third Party Services

Our robust skillsets range from simple clerical tasks, to complex, decision-making processes. Our goal is to give you more time, empowering you to operate more efficiently and effectively! Our expertise in back office duties positions you to grow your business profitably.

OIP services provide cost savings and superior quality to numerous TPAs, Claims Adjusters and Inspection Companies.

TPA & Claims Adjusters Support
  • Claim Documents Uploads and Management 
  • Uploading Claims Status Information
  • Invoicing
  • Managing Diary Suspenses
  • Policy Information Entry
  • Claims Processing

Our professional support team expedites the claims handling process and removes unnecessary delays, well-positioning you to focus on your customers and generate new opportunities. Our seasoned team of claims professionals provide a range of expertise from the first notice of loss to setting reserves and following up, all of which are handled independently, timely and accurately.

Inspection Company Support
  • Statement of Values Uploads
  • Indexing
  • Managing Diary Suspenses
  • Case Notes Review
  • Inspection Tracing Management
  • Quality Assurance (with or without Valuation)

Commonly referred to as the Eyes and Ears of the policy, it’s no surprise that the inspection report is arguably the single most important supporting document. It takes a few poor-quality reports to tarnish a reputation, making Quality Assurance an indispensable step towards delivering superior reports. Our extensive expertise comes from reviewing not hundreds, but thousands of insurance policies, applications, claims and inspections. Implementing our knowledge in each QA task not only augments the field inspector’s novice insurance background, but more importantly earns and sustains your competitive advantage and stellar reputation.

This condensed list only begins to cover our capabilities; we encourage a conversation to make certain the value we can add to your organization is clear. We’re also happy to conduct a demo for your team, ensuring your key team members are comfortable with how we can support them in each of their roles.

TPA & Claims Adjusters Support Services – PDF

Inspection Company Support Services – PDF