Underwriting Support

Whether you’ve selected support from one level or all four, it’s clear that our goal is to give you more time, empowering you to operate your organization efficiently and effectively! We’re experts at handling the back office tasks, freeing you up for the front line. OIP provides cost savings and superior quality to numerous US and UK Carriers, MGAs, Retail Agents and more.

Entry-Level Support
  • Risk Clearance / Submissions 
  • Surplus Lines Filings
  • Loss Runs / MVR Order
  • Indexing
  • Data Entry / Backfill
  • Inspection Order
  • Invoicing
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Finance Agreements

Simple, short, high volume and time sensitive tasks often get deprioritized over complex, revenue creating duties. Our Entry-Level support team eliminates the backlog and maintains current queues, creating growth opportunities for your organization. Why wait? Join your industry peers who already enjoy the many benefits of our support!

Intermediate Support
  • Brokerage Account Lifecycle
  • File / Renewal Setup
  • Bordereaux – Aggregate Reports
  • Claims Processing
  • Follow Up on Subjectivities
  • MVR Review
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Operating efficiently requires a strong foundation, and our Intermediate Support Team enables that. We help producers maximize their time with our knowledgeable assistants handling Bordereaux, Claims and Brokerage accounts, and ensuring the business quality meets company standards. The less time your staff needs to spend on these, the stronger relationships they can build with your partners. 

Specialized Support
  • Inspection Review
  • Policy Issuance
  • Policy Verification
  • Endorsement Issuance
  • Quote / Bind / Issue
  • New Business Prep
  • Pre-Renewals
  • Binder Issuance

Our Specialized Support Team offers unparalleled assistance with reviewing and validating critical underwriting documents. We handle renewals and new business files, issue policies and thoroughly review inspections in the set turnaround times. Experience our flagship services that generate superb audit scores, keeping your book profitable and empowering your underwriters to write more business.

Professional Support
  • Renewal Underwriting
  • AIA Courses
  • Comparative Rating
  • Application Review
  • MGA Quality Control Evaluation Report
  • Policy Audit Formal Review
  • Special On-Demand Reports 
  • Standardization

Our Professional Support Team provides skilled underwriting talent that is unrivaled in our space. Our tailor made services encompass comparative rating and policy audits, formal education for less experienced staff, and standardization of workflows and procedures. OIP’s unique Renewal Underwriting service makes us your true Knowledge Process Outsourcing partner.

This condensed list only begins to cover our capabilities; we encourage a conversation to make certain the value we can add to your organization is clear. We’re also happy to conduct a demo for your team, ensuring your key team members are comfortable with how we can support them in each of their roles.

Underwriting Support Services – PDF

Renewal Underwriting Services – PDF