A constant problem for any insurance related company is dealing with turnover and the costs associated with hiring and training for back end processes. These positions do not typically generate income for the business, but rather are necessary expenses when delivering insurance policies to our clients. 

While discussing common pain points and servicing issues with other business leaders at a national conference, it was then OIP was referred to us from another well respected company within the insurance industry. We were aware that such services existed globally, but I was skeptical to the effectiveness and accuracy that would be available. I was so wrong.

 OIP is a game changer. I was able to transform a variable cost into a fixed cost by utilizing their platform. Our business is no longer constrained by turnover or training when it comes to the back end process of policy issuance. We have had such great success that we are now introducing additional components such as audits, inspections, loss runs, and renewal quoting. 

 It is also best to note that OIP wasn’t added to replace our current staff, but rather to take away the large quantity of mundane tasks and allow our employees to train and grow within the organization. We brought them on because we WANTED to grow, and by doing so have been experiencing our highest growth numbers in many years.