On average, people spend between 20 and 40 hours a month commuting. Have you thought about it? 

Besides listening to music, reading the news or simply enjoying the scenery, you can fulfill that time in many other creative ways!

Learn a new language – pick up the basics on a mobile application, like Duolingo.

Learn to code – Pocket Programming and Encode applications will help you practice different program languages.

Read a book (or listen to an audiobook) – Make the most out of your love for reading by using some of these eBook applications: Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Goodreads.

Paint – Not with real paint — that would be too messy. 🙂

Paint By Number: Coloring Book is one of many free artistic app’s allowing you to “paint” masterpieces on your smartphone.

While on the bus-related topic…

Do you know which is the longest regularly scheduled bus ride in the world?

Transoceánica is the world’s longest bus route – the 6,300-kilometers connection links the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and allows passengers to travel directly from Rio de Janeiro all the way to the Peruvian capital Lima. 

The estimated duration of the journey is 102 hours, which equals more than 4 days.

And what about passenger insurance in Serbia?

Each passenger in public transportation is insured, whether they paid for the ticket or not.

The insurance covers the passengers at the station as well and is regulated by the Law on Compulsory Traffic Insurance.

Passengers are covered by insurance in buses, taxi vehicles, rent-a-car vehicles, on trains, airplanes, cruisers/boats.

Indemnification goes up to EUR 8,000 in case of death, up to EUR 16,000 for physical disability, and up to EUR 4,000 for medical expenses and loss of income.